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Weight Loss Surgery: The Real Skinny By Nick Nicholson M.D.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1   Weight Loss Surgery – Punching the Reset Button
Chapter 2   How Did I End up in this Mess and Why Can’t I Get Out of It?
Chapter 3   Talking to Your Surgeon: No Time To Practice Lying
Chapter 4   So What’s Really Eating You – Get Ready To Find Out
Chapter 5   What Have I Done to Myself? The Immediate Aftermath
Chapter 6   You Enlisted But Your Spouse was Drafted: The Impact of Weight Loss Surgery On Your Marriage
Chapter 7    Get in The Game  - Dating After Bariatric Surgery
Chapter 8   My Weight Loss is About Me, So Why Does Everyone Act Like It’s About Them?
Chapter 9   Breaking The Three Food Commandments
Chapter 10    Breaking Up With Your Ex For Good: The Maintenance Grind
Chapter 11    I’m Doing Everything Right, So Why Doesn’t My Weight Show It?
Chapter 12   When to Declare Victory – Managing Expectations
Chapter 13   Revision Surgery – You Don’t Want To Go There
Chapter 14   Choosing Your Bariatric Surgeon
Chapter 15   Things Your Mama Should Have Told You
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