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Recommended by Two Year + Bariatric Success Patient
I am a few months over two years out from having bariatric surgery. I had a complete gastric bypass and was interested in what this book had to say about the process I had been through and to gather some insight into the maintaining aspect that I am in now. For a slim book, this is very concise with no wasted words and gets right to the point. Bariatric surgery is not a cure-all but a second chance to get yourself together if you are obese and in dire medical condition. This book explains the process but focuses on what you, the one having the surgery, will go through and what you can expect plus what you will emotionally have to conquer as obesity is not all about food and eating. It is psychological, emotional and lifestyle. The book is very easy to read and I found it described what I went through very accurately. READ MORE

The inside story: the good, the bad and the ugly
What you want to know about any major surgery is the inside story: the good, the bad and the ugly. This type of information typically does not come from your doctor but rather from someone who have gone through the experience first hand. In this book Dr. Nicholson provides a compilation of experiences of his patients before and long after the surgery. He talks not only about the physical effects of the surgery but also the mental and social changes that a person considering this surgery might not anticipate. READ MORE

Excellent Material To Read Before Surgery
Authors Nick Nicholson, M.D. and B.A. Blackwood writes a very informative and insightful book to help the reader explore the various pros and cons of weight loss surgery. The reader will receive views from both a doctor and a lawyer that will enable them to see the physical, mental, financial and relational issues that could arise from such a surgery. There is the discussion of the various types of weight loss surgery and things a person should consider before, during and after the surgery. The physical appearance of someone experiencing this type of surgery is usually extreme, yet the emotional and relational issues are very real and very important to consider before this type of surgery as well. READ MORE

Great read!!
This short but powerful book offers insight into what WLS patients encounter psychologically after surgery from themselves and others. Dr. Nick and Blackwood hit the nail on the head with true stories and insight from real patients that any patient who is considering or has had WLS can relate to. It is a must read. (MAS)

Dr Nick Nicholson
Thank you Dr. Nicholson. This easy to read book is packed with helpful information for anyone going through a weight loss journey. I look for Volume II soon.

A Fresh Approach to Weight Loss Surgery
Dr. Nicholson has created a very quick and easy read for anyone who has had weight loss surgery, anyone who is considering weight loss surgery, or anyone interested in the topic in general. What Dr. Nick covers in approximately 100 pages (which can be read in a single sitting) is funny, interesting and enlightening - and what I found most intriguing about this book is that it steps beyond the obvious subject matter of bariatric surgery and subsequent weight loss and delves into the emotional components of the surgical weight loss journey that most people never consider or are even aware of. This book is a fresh approach to a topic that has become a familiar component of our current culture - and Dr. Nicholson helps reinforce that this is not simply an overnight or magic cure for a very serious problem and that there are effects well beyond the surgery itself that should be considered when deciding on weight loss surgery.

A quick and easy read with a fresh perspective on weight loss surgery
What a quick and easy read! I found this book enlightening from the standpoint that it sheds light on so many areas that people don't take into consideration when they think about weight loss surgery. Dr. Nicholson has done a great job creating an intelligent, witty and entertaining read on a subject that many might not find incredibly exciting - and does so in relatively few pages. I would recommend this book to anyone who has had bariatric surgery, anyone considering or interested in bariatric surgery - and even those individuals that have relationships with bariatric surgery patients. On a subject that has become incredibly mainstream over the past several years, this book provides a true picture of what to expect in relation to bariatric surgery - and takes out all the marketing and fluff while still being entertaining. Kudos to you, Dr. Nick!

Considering Gastric Bypass Surgery? Read This Book
If you are anyone you know is considering gastric bypass surgery, I highly recommend that you read this book prior to scheduling surgery.

Dr. Nick Nicholson and B.A. Blackwood, the authors of Weight Loss Surgery: The Real Skinny, have teamed together to write a very comprehensive story of what to expect from bariatric surgery. Dr. Nicholson is a renowned bariatric surgeon and a recognized expert on obesity and its treatment. So this book is based on the real world experience of thousands of patients. READ MORE

There is no finish line in the battle for weight loss
There was a time in my life when I was so overweight that I broached the subject of gastric bypass surgery with my doctor. He told me that I wasn't nearly overweight enough for him to recommend it; he also told me that it wasn't the great cure-all that I thought it was. Of course, I thought it would be great to have the pounds fly off while I ate everything in sight. It wasn't until much later that I came to accept my doctor's wisdom and lose weight the sensible way. READ MORE

Slim yet helpful book
Written for people who are considering weight loss surgery or have already had it, "Weight Loss Surgery: The Real Skinny" takes an interesting approach to the subject. The book doesn't really talk about the medical side of weight loss surgery - except on how to choose the right doctor - but the emotional side. The book covers topics such as deciding to have the surgery, how you will feel immediately after the surgery (both physically and mentally), how people treat you differently before and after the surgery, and maintaining weight loss after the surgery. READ MORE

Weight Loss Surgery - Physical and Mental
Dr. Nicholson explains in an easy to understand format the how's and why's of weight loss surgery. The "what to expect" information post-surgery is invaluable- as well as the last chapter! Touching on the emotional- mental well-being of all aspects of weight loss should be mandatory reading for all wanting to make a change- surgery or not.


Weight Loss Surgery: The Real Skinny
Written for people who are considering or have already undergone bariatric surgery, this guide offers honest and easy-to-read insights into both its benefits and the obstacles people face afterward.

With this book, coauthors Dr. Nick Nicholson and B.A. Blackwood have combined their shared passion for healthy living to create an informative guide that will encourage people suffering from obesity to live a wholly changed life.

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